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Moving In? Need a Sponsor?

Let us know!

Packets are available through CYSS and ACS.  You can also follow the links below to download a Sponsor Request Form.  Forms can be sent through email as well. Make the Transition a New and Exciting Experience for Your Child!

The time has come for another move and you're on your way to Fort Polk, Louisiana.  No need to feel like a fish out of water!  Let our youth sponsorship program help ease the transition.  We will match you with a sponsor who has similar interests.

If you have been here a while and want to sponsor someone, please contact us and let us know you are interested.  The criteria is outlined below.  

Become a Sponsor, Make a Child Smile!

Potential Sponsors 

Youth Sponsor Job Description
-works with new youth coming to Fort Polk to facilitate the ease of their transition
-assists with planning and developing ongoing activities and events
identifies, meets and helps incoming teens by providing them with friendship, a warm welcome, information, and a tour of the community and installation
maintains contact with the new youth before, during and after transition to Fort Polk
documents all contact and activities with incoming youth
assists with integrating new youth into the installation, school, and the surrounding community
must be able to utilize a variety of communication techniques:  email, USPS, telephone, etc.

Qualification Requirements
Must be between the ages of 8-18
Outgoing with good verbal and leadership skills
Must be familiar with Fort Polk and the Community
Must display a positive attitude

Youth Sponsorship Application
Want to be a youth sponsor?  Download, print, and send the form above to the contact information on the bottom of the page.
Youth Sponsorship Request Form
New to Fort Polk? Need a Sponsor?  Download, print, and send the form above to the contact information on the bottom of the page.

CYSS Youth Sponsorship Services
P.O. Box 3914

Fort Polk, LA