Fort Polk MWR
 Sports/Fitness: Wheelock Fitness Center

There are plenty of ways to "Commit to be Fit" at Fort Polk’s Wheelock Fitness Center.  Wheelock has cardio and weight equipment, a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub area and a walking and running track.  Equipped with a rock climbing wall, and group exercise room, Wheelock has everything pricey health clubs have - only it's free!  Each new member must register with the facility to join.

Serious weightlifters will feel at home with a full line of training equipment.  Think your strong?  Sign up for the P.O.L.K. Lifting club.  This is Fort Polk’s Outstanding Lifting Klub.  Wheelock also has a staff of qualified personal trainers that can design a workout program tailored to your needs and fitness goals.

The facility also offers an extensive group exercise program.  While many classes are free, others are offered for $3/class.   Each month a new schedule of classes is presented.  Check out Fort Polk’s MWR Event Calendar for up to date information on classes.  Filter on Fitness: http://www.calendarwiz.com/ftpolkmarketing

For more information regarding personal training, group classes, or fitness promotional events call the fitness center at 337-531-6795.

Wheelock Fitness Center 
7755 Georgia Ave., Bldg 3350
Fort Polk, LA

Saturday & Sunday