Fort Polk MWR
CYS Services: SKIES 
All youth participating in SKIES programs must be registered with  Child Youth & School Services (CYSS). Thanks to the Army Family Covenant, annual CYSS registration is free.

Registration for SKIES programs also takes place at the Parent Central Services Office (Formerly CERO).  Fees apply for SKIES programs, but if the child has a parent who is deployed, they may qualify for free SKIES classes.


The SKIES program at Fort Polk offers tutoring in math and reading.  Individual tutoring is available for $20.00 per hour. For more information, please call Luwana Rider at 337-531-1955.

Babysitting Certification

Youth 12 years of age and up wishing to become baby sitters can take part in SKIES baby sitting classes. Youth 13 years and up can become "CYSitters" and provide service on Fort Polk through this program. Click the flier to the right for more information.

6880 Radio Rd., Bldg 400
Fort Polk, LA