Fort Polk MWR
 Other Facilities: Showboat Theatre

The Showboat Theatre offers dinner theater and performance-only productions throughout the year, so check back to see our current performance schedule.

The facility is also available for private parties, hail & farewells, and unit functions. The Showboat Theatre is open for many community events with no room charge, and is especially busy during the holidays. Some events will require a room charge.

It boasts a large and very active volunteer community, which is always in need of new talent--either on stage or behind the scenes. If you're interested in volunteering or auditioning please call (337) 531-2337.

Showboat Theatre Rental 

Showboat Theatre is available for private parties, Hail and Farewells, and unit functions. The facility is also open for many community events. The Theatre is especially busy during the holiday season.

The Theatre Room is available for $75.00 for 4 hours for the Theatre seating area with tables and chairs to seat 170 patrons. (The Stage is limited to play use.)

The Upper Room is available for $50.00 for 4 hours with a seating capacity of 60.

Showboat Theatre
7090 Alabama Ave., Bldg 1454
Fort Polk, LA

(Other than show times)
Monday-Friday  8am-4:30pm
Saturday/Sunday  Closed