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 Sports/Fitness: Intramural Sports

     Many newcomers to Fort Polk are amazed at the depth and variety of competitive sport opportunities offered here. The Fort Polk Intramural Program is designed to encourage participation at the company level in an action-packed competitive sports program. It is administered by the Sports and Athletic Training Branch in cooperation with  brigade level A&R NCOs / Officers.

     Eighteen sports are offered, featuring both team and individual  competition. A&R meetings are held each quarter to keep all participants and interested personnel abreast of current and upcoming events. It also conducts all  post-level championships and   tournaments in tennis, horseshoes, racquetball, 10K runs  cross-country, bowling and golf, to name a few.  Sports offers a well-rounded Women's Sports Program with maximum  participation for women of Fort Polk, in both team and individual competitions. Sports is also busy behind the scenes. It coordinates field/gym assignments, provides officials, administers rules, offers coachs' clinics, and supports league coordinators for the five major leagues: basketball, slow pitch softball, flag football, soccer and volleyball. You can do it!

Intramural Sports
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