Fort Polk MWR
 Recreation: Catfish Cove

     Fort Polk youngsters, ages 16 and under, have their very own fishin' hole named Catfish Cove.   Catfish Cove is regularly stocked with feisty channel cats just so the kids can catch them and take them home for dinner.  You need to go out with your child; unaccompanied adults must find other fishin' holes. (Hint: see the information on the Marion Bonner Trail!) This spot is for small fry only!
     Shaded parking, pavilions and picnic facilities are readily available on shore. Sidewalks to the bridge make shore fishing a real pleasure for all youngsters. On the west end of the Cove, a raised walkway gives a fine view of the fountain, which is both decorative and functional. Come on out and drop a line!


Catfish Cove
Louisiana Avenue
Across from Warrior Hills Golf Course
(337) 531-8312
(337) 531-7688